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The Work at Home project will help people with ideas, practical suggestions and mentoring by people with experience in earning an income online.. Please be aware that this project cannot guarantee you will be successful in your endeavour - that is entirely in your hands.

Running a business online is the same as doing it off line in many respects. Simply having the right tools is not enough, all the rules of business still apply online. For example owning a quality camera does not guarantee a successful photography business.

The Internet provides a medium which opens up all sorts of possibilities for individuals wanting to work from home, and for larger companies to use creative thinking to restructure their operations in many ways.

But first a word of warning, the internet has also provided a largely unregulated medium for dishonesty and the old saying applies here more than ever - Let the Buyer Beware

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One of the best programs for working on the internet is Solo Build It,the very one we are using to build this website with. At the very least it provides an excellent way for constructing a quality, search engine friendly website, and it offers the possibility that with care and good business acumen, you could build a substantial income with it.

Sitesell also publishes some very good advice on how to run a business on the internet - check these free downloads;

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how to build a successful
Marketing Website.

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If you decide to begin a business on the internet using Site Built It! there are several options available ranging from complete D.I.Y to full classroom instruction at many locations world wide.  See the full range of options here.

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