Internet Scams to Avoid

he ability to recognise and avoid internet scams is on online skill as necessary as learning to cross a road safely in a busy city.

There are many ways of checking to see if an offer is legitimate, however remember;
"If it looks too good to be true", it probably "is too good to be true."

Often a dubious offer will be presented as something that is only available for a very short time so don't allow yourself to be rushed into spending your money. Take the time to check.

Some useful websites for information follow;

Even these sites should be read carefully - a couple are private sites that publish for their own reasons but are included because they do seem to have useful, up to date information.

Common sense is a good ingredient to mix with this sort of information. Ask other people what they think, search on google for "xyz program scam" or check in online forums.

Even if an offer is not an outright scam, use your best commercial judgment, the same as you would in any business deal.

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