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Home Computer Policy

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Home Computer Policy determines who can use the computer, home computer policies are a safe guard for users of your home computer.

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Home computer users will be protected from strangers and unauthorised people attempting to use your home computer. This page is about setting home computer policies and who is permitted to use your home computer.
If your neighbour were to come to you, and to ask to borrow your car, would you say yes?

But how about if your neighbour then mentioned that he didn’t have a licence, or know how to drive, but thought that it looked easy enough.
Would you still say yes then?

Visiting the Internet (whether to surf Web pages or get or send emails) can be very dangerous, especially if the computer is unprotected or the computer’s users are inexperienced.It looks very easy, and oh so safe - but it isn’t!

Cars can be bad for your health, and millions die each year on the road. The Internetis not dangerous that way, but it is very dangerous financially, and millions get robbed each year, simply by being unprepared.So a task for a home sysad is to help the family make decisions about who uses the computer,and for what purposes.

System Policies

  • Who is allowed to use the computer? Just you? Or anyone?

  • Who is allowed to install software on the computer? Just you? Or anyon

  • Is the computer to be connected to the Internet? And if so …

  • What security software is to be installed?

  • Who is to be allowed to use the computer on the Internet, and under what circumstances?

  • How are the people who use the Internet to be trained in home computer policy?

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