How to Build a Successful Business using the Internet

A free information evening for;

  • Small Business Owners
  • Home Business Owners
  • Non-Profit Fundraisers.

7.30pm Wed 25 February 2009

Nightcliff Community Centre
18 Bauhinia Street, Nightcliff
(click here to see a location map)

This presentation will show you:-

  • How other people are creating Internet-based businesses that:
    • Are profitable (that is, earn income, in addition to any other benefits they may bring);
    • Require little capital investment;
    • Require minimal computer skills.
  • What resources you will need to get involved;
  • What such businesses can cost to set up.

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Further Information:

What you will learn in more detail.

This information evening is about how to create a successful business using the Internet.

There are, of course, many different ways to create online businesses, but...

  • Very few of them are successful.
  • Most cost a lot of money to start up.

This presentation will show you how ordinary people with relatively little capital can create an online business with a better-than-even chance of long-term financial success.

The type of business you will learn about is based on the thoroughly proven principle of C-T-P-M - the very same formula that made people such as the Murdoch and Packer families wealthy.

Learn the principles of C-T-P-M, and how they work on the Internet. Plus how, by using cutting-edge smart tools, just about anybody can use C-T-P-M to build a successful online business.

You will be shown:

  • How the C-T-P-M principle works - and, perhaps just as importantly - why it works;
  • What kinds of tools you will need;
  • How much money - or more accurately, how little money - you will need to invest to create a highly profitable Internet business (if you know anything about convenional business, the answer to this question will shock you);
  • How little technical skill you will need (web geeks will be dismayed).

Can a website really be profitable?

Business websites divide into four major groups:

Useless websites:
Websites that earn no profit at all. They simply cost money - money to pay the web designer, and money for web hosting;
Online Brochures:
Websites that act as a brochure or 'silent salesman' - they don't earn money, and they don't attract customers - but they provide extra information to potential customers. Hopefully, after reading the extra information, people will be more likely to buy.

In order to work, businesses that own these sites must:

  • Spend money on off-line advertising to persuade customers to visit the site; and
  • Make sure that the site contains lots of extra information that is useful to the customers.

This particular webpage (the one you are reading now) is an example of this kind of site;

Lead Machines:
Websites that attract enquiries from potential customers. Live sales people can then try to convert these enquiries into sales. Suppose, for example, somebody searches on Google for a motor car, they may end up entering their email at a website, and then waiting to be contacted by a sales person from an auto dealer.

Money Machines:
The final type of website actually earns income - money. It may also be an 'online brochure' and a 'lead machine', but it also pays its way with cold hard cash.

This presentation deals mainly with the last two kinds of website - the lead and money machines.

How much will it cost me to set up a profitable on-line business?

Setting up a new business - or improving an existing business - always involves the investment of capital.

For some businesses, the amount of capital needed can be quite large - millions of dollars, even billions of dollars. Such sums are usually well outside the range of small businesses, home businesses and non-profit fundraisers.

Internet businesses, however, can often be successfully launched for little more than the cost of the owner's time. This presentation deals with businesses that can realistically be started with very little capital other than computer and living expenses.

Will I need to be a computer nerd to set up my own Internet business?

To be able to run a business, everyone needs at least some skills, such as to be able to read and write. This presentation deals with businesses that require skills normal to most businesses, plus the following two special skills:

  1. The ability to write plain, ordinary English;
  2. The ability to use a computer - e.g. to switch it on, and navigate to this webpage. (If you got to this webpage by yourself, with no help from anyone else, you passed our 'computer expert' test!)

(By the way, in case you are wondering, C-T-P-M stands for 'Contents-Traffic-Presell-Monetize'. To find out why this can spell big money for business people and fundraisers, you'll need to come to this information evening.)

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About Darwin Seniors Computer Club.

Established in 2001, the Club provides a wide range of computer services involving home users, and especially targeting seniors and people with disabilities.

Services include:

  • Computer training and on-going computer education;
  • Helping low income people find computers;
  • Helping low income people with technical assistance;
  • Providing 'social surfing' facilities for home users;
  • Providing advocacy to Government on home computer issues.

In addition to general teaching programs for beginners, the Club offers a wide variety of other training activities.

This information evening on Internet business arises out of the Club's on-going commitment to helping people - including unemployed, seniors and people with disabilities - find ways of earning income from their computers.

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About the Club's sponsors.

The Club is sponsored by:

Ron Hodge,
Books Plus More, Computer Sales & Service,
Tel: 8927 9863 or 0414 779 590

This information evening is supported by a grant from Darwin City Council

Darwin City Council Logo

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About Jim McDougall, the evening's presenter.

Jim McDougall 2008

  • Over 35 years experience in small business;
  • Over 10 business experience on the Internet;
  • Has built many successful websites around Australia;
  • Accredited web design instructor.


  • Past President of Darwin Seniors Computer Club;
  • Currently member of Executive Committee.

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Location Map.

This information evening will be held at

7.30pm Wed 25 February 2009
Nightcliff Community Centre
18 Bauhinia Street, Nightcliff

Map of Nightcliff showing Location

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