Monthly Meeting

Running a successful Monthly Meeting is a complex activity, involving many different people in a wide variety of tasks.

For each task, two or more people are needed, so that the task always gets done, even in the event of illnesses or holidays.

Most tasks involve only a small amount of time - rarely more than a few hours a month. But all are vital to the success of the program.

Below is a list of the major tasks for which volunteers are needed. Easy tasks requiring few if any computer skills are marked EASY.

If you are willing to help out in some way, or wish to organise a new meeting for your local community, please either email, phone us or talk to one of the Committee at a Monthly Meeting.

No. Task Name Description Skills Needed
1 Venue Door-Key EASY  Once a month: As needed, collect key to the meeting room on Friday or Saturday morning before the meeting; bring it to the Meeting 15-30 minutes early, open up, then later to lock up and return the key.
EASY No special skills needed.
2 Public Notices - Writer Once a year, write or review a standard notice about the monthly meeting for sending to local media for placement in the free Community Notices. Then submit leaflet to Management Committee for approval.
Able to write notice.
3 Public Notices - Distribution EASY Once a month, email out the approved notice about meetings to local media for placement in Community Notices (at beginning of each month).
EASY  Must be able to send emails.
4 Publicity Leaflet - Writer Once a year, write or review a standard flyer or brochure about the monthly meeting. Then submit leaflet to Management Committee for approval.
Able to design and write flyers.
5 Publicity Leaflet - Distribution EASY Once every 1-3 months, print and distribute flyers about meeting to local venues (public libraries, politician's offices, seniors groups, disability groups, etc). (Flyers can usually be printed up at a local politician's office.)
EASY No special skills needed.
6 Website - Writer Once a year, write or review a webpage for the Club's website about the monthly meeting. Webpage to be approved by Committee.
Able to write webpage.
7 Meeting Signs - Purchase Occasionally: prepare & buy signs to be used outside meeting venues.
Able to place order for sign.
8 Meeting Signs - Storage & Placement Once a month: bring signs to meetings and place them outside. Later, to collect the signs and take them away for storage.
EASY No special skills needed, but must be able to store signs at home.
9 Reception & Membership EASY Once a month: This is a collection of tasks which is best shared between a number of people, with at least two people at each meeting, and others available either as backup or on roster.
Task Overview: Arrive at the meeting 15-30 minutes before the meeting, put out chairs, welcome people to the meeting, help with membership queries, collect donations, fill out forms as needed, and later put away chairs.
Specific tasks include:
* Collecting names on an attendence list, and passing the list to appropriate Club Official;
* Completing any paperwork required by the Venue Management;
* Dealing with membership queries, including collecting relevant forms, information and membership dues, and passing them to appropriate Club official;
* Collect donation monies, and pass it to appropriate Club official.
Reception Leader:   Knowledge of Club facts and procedures. Able to store relevant forms and leaflets at home.

Reception support:
EASY no skills needed.
10 Refreshments EASY Once a month: Bring refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits etc) to the meeting. (Food and beverages can be provided as a donation, or can be reimbursed by the Club.)
11 Meeting Leader Once a month: Two people are needed to lead meetings (one person to lead the meeting, and a second standing by in event of emergencies). Good computer knowledge and skills; good knowledge of Club traditions and procedures. Good public speaking skills, or willingness to learn this.
12 Teachers Once a month: At least two people (preferably three or four) are needed to provide 20-minute lessons about using computers. Topics should be relevant to home users.
Good knowledge of whatever topic is to be taught. Good teaching skills, or willingness to learn this.
13 Sharers (Show & Tell) EASY Once a month: as many people as possible: to share their computer experiences in 1-2 minutes maximum: report on new equipment or software; happy or unhappy experiences.

DSCC Meetings

Monthly meetings are held at the Casuarina Library on the first Saturday of each month (except January) at 2.00pm.

Come along to hear the latest computer news, learn some tricks or ask questions about any computer related subjects.