DSCC Computer Training

DSCC Computer Training courses are designed to help people push the right buttons to make their computers useful, secure and safe machines.

There is an enormous and ever growing  amount of information and useful functions  which computers can provide to help in our daily lives. However learning how computers (don't) think and behave can seem quite daunting.  After all, any machine which has been designed to be turned off by the 'START' button deserves to be viewed with some suspicion.

DSCC courses are designed to make learning how to control a computer as simple as possible, and have some fun in the process.

Club members also have the opportunity to simply ask other members, chances are someone will have encountered the question before and be able to help.

Current Computer Courses;

Computers for Absolute Beginners

Never used a computer before? This is the place for you, covering the basic functions of a computer with an overview of email and surfing. Use this to gain the confidence to continue on into other programs.

No Computer courses are currently available

How to Build a Successful Business using the Internet

A 10 week course on how to research, design and build a web based business.
Start your own business from home, or support and expand an existing business.

This course is taught at many Universities and Colleges around the world.

This is not just a classroom excercise, students will actually build an online business. Like any business, online or offline, financial success cannot be guaranteed but will depend on the skill and determination of individual students.

Domain Name registration,  web hosting for 12 months  and much more are included.

Basic cost to cover software; US$300 with 90 day money back guarantee.

This will be run from time to time depending on interest level. At least four serious students are required to make it worthwhile.

The Darwin Senior Computer Club is located in Darwin, capital city of Australia's Northern Territory, with members throughout the Top End.

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Monthly meetings at the Casuarina Library have been suspended from July 2018

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