Club Meetings

At DSCC Club Meetings provide a focus for many of the members activities.

Look through the list of meetings for your area of interest.

Social surfing:
Sharing ideas and helping each other is an important ethic in DSCC

This is an opportunity to meet others who might have a similar
interest in particular computer programs and uses.

Please note the weekly meetings at DCA have discontinued due to the relocation of DCA from Malak.

If another suitable venue is found details will be posted here.

Monthly Meetings:

  • Darwin Monthly Meetings
  • Casuarina Library - 2pm, 1st Sat of each month (Feb-Dec)

  • Even a simple monthly meeting requires quite a few volunteers to work successfully.
    If you would like to contribute to our activities, please visit our monthly meetings tasks page.

    Annual General Meeting:
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Election of Office Bearers.
  • Dates will be announced prior to each AGM
  • In addition, we provide each other and the community with a range of services, including a central information service concerning computer care, resources and training.

    The Darwin Senior Computer Club is located in Darwin, capital city of Australia's Northern Territory, with members throughout the Top End. In 2007, we decided to expand our teaching operations throughout the Northern Territory. To this end, we have begun to set up 'Hubs' (in effect, mini-clubs) in each town and community, where people can learn computer skills. The first of these Hubs will be in Darwin and Palmerston, with others to follow as soon as possible.

  • Who can join?
  • Advantages of joining?

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DSCC Meetings

Monthly meetings are held at the Casuarina Library on the first Saturday of each month (except January) at 2.00pm.

Come along to hear the latest computer news, learn some tricks or ask questions about any computer related subjects.

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