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Darwin Seniors Computer Club

The Nightcliff Clubroom is closed, Malak is open for business.

The room in the Nightcliff Community Centre which has served as our clubroom since the beginning has completely closed and all the computers and other equipment have been moved to Malak where we will be operating from within the Darwin Community Arts facilities.

  • The phone number 8948 1274 remains active but has been permanently switched to Lamaan & Barb's place.
  • The PO Box 242 Nightcliff remains the same.
  • Free computer use is avalable at Malak 2:00 - 4:30 Mon-Thurs
  • DSCC has a limited amount of Office/Storage available at Malak, so much of our administration will be run from our members' homes.
  • Map and more details for Malak

At present, the Malak surfing facilities has about 20-25 computers, some with Windows operating systems, and others with Linux. All computers use the Firefox browser and Open Office, so it should be easy for everyone to use them.

New Volunteer checks needed.

Club members who wish to work as volunteers will need to have a Police Check done - this is DCA requirement because many of the people using their facilities are under 18 years old. Currently the cost for a volunteer is $5 and DCA are happy to reimburse this.

The Police Check system is changing from Jan 1 to a new system which will use a plastic card of some sort so volunteers don't need to do a new check every time they start at a new organisation, however the exact detail of how this will work is a bit vague at the moment.

Suggestions & Ideas for the future.

2010 will obviously be a time of change for DSCC and we would like everyone to be involved as we go forward in this new situation.

Our involvement with DCA should enable us to expand and reach more people. They have been around for a long time (formally as Brown's Mart) and have many connections and ongoing activities within the community.

See the website at www.DarwinCommunityArts.org.au for details.

We will be able to spend less time and effort simply raising funds and more time on real club activities. It's your club, so get involved and make the most of it.

Your opinions and feedback are important to help the club committee decide how to move forward.

  • What can you contribute?
  • How can the DSCC benefit you?
  • What can the DSCC provide for the wider community?

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SBI Business Building Course
How to Build a Successful Business using the Internet.
A 10 week course on using smart tools to build a profitable internet business. Limited Places,bookings essential.
contact DSCC for more details and booking.

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