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Computer Maintenance Service Tips

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These computer maintenance service tips will help keep your computer running smoothly.

How often this needs to be done will depend partly on how often you use your computer, and what you do while you are using it.

If you rarely use it, and never visit the Internet, then routine maintenance once a month, or even every six months, may be quite sufficient.

If you use it regularly each day, and especially if you use the Internet at all (whether to get emails or surf the Web), then weekly maintenance may be essential.

Disk Cleanup

Your first maintenance task will be to take out the rubbish. To do this, run Disk Cleanup (Start Menu/Programs/Accessories/System Tools). This empties your Recycle Bin and gets rid of various temporary files. Also useful is to install and run a Registry cleaner tool, such as Registry Mechanic.

Disk Defragmenter

Over time, Windows files can become ‘fragmented’ into little pieces, which then become scattered across the hard disk. As this happens, your computer gradually slows to a crawl. The cure, fortunately, is simple: run Disk Defragmenter, found atStart Menu/Programs/Accessories/System Tools.For best results, run Disk Defragmenter in Safe Mode (see Topic 10). Alternatively, you can install Speedefrag (available through, which will automatically shutdown your computer, restart in Safe Mode, run Defrag, and then shut down your computer … all at the click of a single shortcut!


Over time, your hard disk may develop little errors. To find and fix these, run CheckDisk once a month or so. To find CheckDisk, open My Computer, right-click on one of your hard disk drives (CDrive or DataDrive) and choose Properties. When that opens, click on the Tools tab, which will offer you a choice of three tools:CheckDisk, Defragmenter, and Backup. Choose CheckDisk.CheckDisk works this way:

  • Your System Drive (CDrive): If you opened the Properties window of CDrive and then click on CheckDisk, you will be told that you cannot run CheckDisk at this moment, but would you like to schedule it for the next time you reboot your computer? If you answer ’yes’, CheckDisk will run at your next boot. It can take 5, 15 even 30 minutes to run.
  • Your Data Drive (DataDrive): If you opened the Properties window of DataDrive and then click on CheckDisk, CheckDisk will immediate run. It can take 5, 15 even 30 minutes to run, during which time you can use your computer, except that you cannot save files to DataDrive.

Practice running the three major maintenance tools: disk cleanup, disk defragmenter, and CheckDisk.Disk Defragmenter can be run in either Normal Mode or Safe Mode. Safe Mode is recommended, but for a special thrill, you might try running it in Normal Mode, and discover why Safe Mode is suggested for computer maintenance service.

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