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Computer Club Activities

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Check the computer club activities to find your interest.

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Club Activities
Cheaper Buying
Computer Training
Emailing and Surfing
Help Desk
Interest Groups
Outings and Activities

Cheaper Buying:

The Club helps its members buy cheaper and better - with discounted CDs, computer parts, technician's fees, and (when available) recycled computers at very modest prices. Sometimes, the Club can also help with free or discounted software.

Computer Training:

Tutorials, courses and workshops are avaiable from time to time as teachers become available. 

Emailing and Surfing:

At the Club Room, Members can read and send their emails, surf the Internet, and download files and software at broadband speeds.

The 'Help Desk'

The Club's philosophy is all about Club Members helping each other. As a Club Member, you can phone 8948 1274 or email the Club with almost any computer-related query, with a reasonable chance of getting at least some useful help.

Interest Groups:

Club Members have many diverse interests, from art to zoology, and meet to share their interests with other members. As a Member, you can meet with an existing group, or start your own.

Monthly Meetings:

The Club holds regular monthly meetings, open to all Members and their guests. These meetings cover a wide variety of topics, including Club news, computer news, and interesting tips and tricks for getting more value from your computer. They are also a great place to meet people and to make new friends.

Club Outings:

Occasionally, the Club arranges outings or other events for its Members.


The Club provides collections of useful and interesting software, videos and files for its members on flash drives or CDs..


The Club's central philosophy concerns Members teaching each other, and then sharing what they have learned with others. Volunteering is thus a major part of the Club's activities.

If you are interested in becoming a Club volunteer, please visit our volunteers page.

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SBI Business Building Course
How to Build a Successful Business using the Internet.
A 10 week course on using smart tools to build a profitable internet business. Limited Places,bookings essential.
contact DSCC for more details and booking.


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